Maybelle in the Soup

Maybelle in the Soup reviewsMaybelleSoup200pxMaybelle is a lovely plump cockroach. She lives with Myrtle and Herbert Peabody at Number 10 Grand Street, in her own cozy little home under the refrigerator.

The Peabody’s like everything JUST SO. And that means absolutely, positively NO BUGS. Maybelle knows it’s best to stay hidden, but she simply adores food. Just once she wants to taste something yummy before it hits the floor. When the Peabody’s invite Very Important guests to dinner, Maybelle ignores the Cockroach Rules and the warnings of her friend, Henry the Flea. She takes a teeny taste of Mrs. Peabody’s Mock Turtle Soup and splashes into the biggest adventure of her life.

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