Bug Bites

Deliciously Yucky Recipes

Tested and approved by the author’s nephew, sixth-grader Samuel Maurice (no relation to the fly), and first-grader Clara M.

MaybelleBugs on a Branch
Maybelle takes off her pearls to eat this one!


HenryFleas on a Dog
This is Henry’s favorite. Think Golden Retriever.


MauriceFlies’ Eyes
Buggy — but delicious! BRZZT!


mrpeabodyEarwax Snacks
Maybelle wouldn’t go near these, but you might like them.


mrspeabodyMrs. Peabody’s Absolutely Positively JUST SO Chocolate Surprise Cookies


catclawsCat Claws
Ramona deserves a treat of her own after dealing with Maybelle and Maurice.